New novel, releasing January 1, 2015 - Walking on Mars! At the Russian base, Vostok, located in the most isolated, coldest spot in Antarctica, a group of scientists are drilling into a subterranean lake, the size of Lake Ontario, located 3000 feet below the frozen surface. Journalist Samantha Bloodworth has been sent to cover the operations in a series of articles when an underwater volcano located at Deception Island 1000 miiles away explodes, causing vents to open all over Antarctica. The facility at Vostok is damaged during a violent, underground volcanic explosion, trapping the scientists 3000 feet down in what will surely become their icy tomb. Samantha escaped being trapped, however, s


Sept 12-15 pick up BIG ASS SHARK or ZOMBIE ATTACK for 30% OFF! Use promo Code: READ30 @devansagliani

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The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated - Mahatma Ghandi

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