Zombies Party Down!

Oh..my...GOODNESS! What a fantastic weekend. I have never been on a fan outing like this, let alone, a cruise...but it was so much fun. I cannot tell you how gracious and kind the actors were who spent hours and hours every day meeting people at the event. There were 2500 people on this cruise, I kid you not...and, the people from the show chatted with everyone, literally. Each person was given a warm hug, a smile, moments to chat with them...I have never seen anything like this before. This is one of my favorite photos from the weekend. That is me with Norman Reedus who plays the scruffy but sexy Darryl on The Walking Dead. What got me laughing so much was that, he asked me how to spell my

Adrift with ZOMBIES!

Oh yeah...this should be fun! I am heading out in the morning for a 3 day cruise with the cast and crew of THE WALKING DEAD. This is the 2017 Walker Stalker Curise!!! How much fun is that? Looking forward to posting pics for you! http://www.walkerstalkercruise.com/

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