Walking on Mars - Destination Vostok


At the Russian base, Vostok, located in the coldest spot in Antarctica, scientists are drilling into a subterranean lake, located 3000 feet below the frozen surface. These scientists are testing elaborate drilling gear destined for eventual use on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.


Journalist Samantha Bloodworth has been sent to cover the operations when an underwater volcano located at Deception Island 1000 miles away explodes, causing vents to open all over Antarctica. A vent near the lake blows, trapping the scientists 3000 feet down in what will surely become their icy tomb.


Samantha escaped however she is now alone and must make her way back to the surface and survive the hostile environment to find help aided only by a prototype robot named PEDRO, designed for work in outer space and being tested in rigors of Antarctica.

Walking on Mars -

Bones of Ohio


Journalist Samantha Bloodworth travels to a base located at the famous Ohio Range near Discovery Ridge, to cover the work being done by paleontologist Dr. Randall Tikken. While visiting the base, along with her her colleague and friend Dr. Zalmas, Sam discovers that Dr. Tikken has discovered something near Discovery ridge that mysteriously he refuses to talk with her about.


Late at night, Sam sees Dr. Tikken, along with Dr. Zalmas, headed for the base of the ridge and Sam follows them to see if she can learn what this secret discovery is. She is accompanied by one of Tikken’s students, Haruka “Snow” Yukimara and together, they confront Tikken and Zalmas, wanting to know why they are out at the ridge so late at night. Tikken decides that Sam needs to know what this discovery is so she can report the finding to the world. Tikken reveals a cavern that had created at the base of the ridge about 10,000 years ago.


Inside, he shows them carvings in the wall and an authentic pottery shard at least that old, and proclaims that, this is evidence that the survivors of Atlantis were here. The finding is indeed odd, and the shard has been authenticated, however, Tikken’s doctoral student and assistant Mamie Johanssen goes too far to prevent the find being released to the world. Her fear is this is somehow a fake, and, it will ruin Tikken’s professional reputation along with hers by nature of her association with him.

Dark Lights


After a hurricane struck Andros Island in the Bahamas in 1958, a strange thing happened at the Point-du-Lac logging camp in the north. Everything died. A group of scientists is sent to examine the diseased and ravaged place in the middle of the jungle. They discover a small pit filled with the cannibalized remains of several humans-and soon members of the team start to die under mysterious and violent circumstances. What is the grisly menace that prevents anything from surviving at the Point-du-Lac logging camp in the Bahamas?


Original, haunting and full of suspense!     By  T. Clark on August 8, 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

First I couldn't sleep because I could not stop reading and then I could not sleep because I was so spooked by the dark! I particularly enjoyed getting to know the distinctly different characters; part of the suspense is that you really care about what happens to each and every one of them. I have to add, the twist at the end is a real treat.

Get Ready     By M. Simmonson February 13, 2016

Format: Paperback

This is a ravaging, rip-roaring romp through a Bahama's underworld replete with historical horrors and a twist at every turn. You will be turning....tossing and turning with imagery of bright lights and horrifying darkness....and turning page after page because you just can't stop!

Big Ass Shark


MISTY WITLOW, an aspiring actress, heads to the beach near Los Angeles to enjoy the sun and videotape a greeting to send home to her mother. An enormous shark, pale white in color, surfaces in a deep channel near her. The massive beast, larger than a schoolbus, glides past and rams the rocky outcropping she is standing on. 

Tossed to the ground, she stares directly into a widening maw big enough to swallow a car.

Terrorized, she scrambles back, away from the exposed jaws containing rows and rows of teeth bigger than her hand. Her camera continued to roll, recording the fish, as its jaws clamped down hard enough on the rocks to shake the ground under her, and, knock one of its teeth loose.

She is the sole witness to a killing machine thought to have been extinct for millions of years - the Charcarocles Megalodon. Misty has proof of the encounter though, in her camera, and a tooth.


5.0 out of 5 starsbig   ass shark indeed!     By April D. Bogarton January 12, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This was a rollicking ride of a read. I would read it again. I'm anxious to read the authors other books

5.0 out of 5 stars   Great story,White shark     By Kindle Customeron July 18, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Lots of action on the sea.Keeps your interest,iread this straight through.I had to finish it.If you like to read about sharks this is a good story.

Walking on Mars -

Cookoff on Ice


During a chili cooking competition between the Americans and the Kiwis, a fire at McMurdo forces the residents to evacuate. With no where else to go, and a storm coming in, the New Zealanders offer the refugees from McMurdo the use of their smaller base.


After some time has passed with the rivals jammed together like sardines inside the smaller base tempers start to flare, and what had started as a friendly rivalry over chili recipes turns into brawls, sabotage and flaring tempers.

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