The newest short in the Walking on Mars series is out, and the title is PINK ICE!!

Why is this story called PINK ICE?? Excellent need to read the story to find out. It is quirky and unique. Definitely one of Sam's odder outings down there on the ice.

Click the link here, and read an excerpt or order the story for $.99.

Flaviu Cebanu, a celebrated but controversial artist, has set his sights on Antarctica for his latest endeavor. Flaviu travels to the ice-covered continent on board his yacht, The Impressive, along with a film crew and his two companions, Japanese twin girls half his age. Samantha “Sam” Bloodworth, a journalist assigned to cover the event is offered the opportunity to view it from on board his yacht. As a journalist, she plans to observe and write the best article she can, although from her own point of view though, she is somewhat disgusted by the assault on the environment. Flaviu has received death threats and those who oppose his stunt start to arrive to try and stop him. Massive speakers have been set up on barges that are anchored just off shore. As the first strains of Mahler’s symphony begins and the first plane swoops in to drop the dye, Flaviu and Sam have more to worry about then how the event goes off–first they have to survive.

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