Where Do We Go From Here?

Not long ago, just last week actually at the time of this writing, I went through a HUGE hurricane named Irma. She pretty much hit us dead on. Thankfully, it downgraded from the Category 5 to a 3 or 2, but, I still felt gusts of wind, about 80 mph, hitting my house.

Was I scared? You betcha. I did try to make plans for evacuation along with the entire state of Florida, but, it seemed hopeless. Hotels booked up through Alabama. Gas running out. Interstate backed up for hundreds of miles, so, I sheltered in place. We came through just fine, although, I will probably be picking up branches in the yard for weeks to come, but, I am OK with that.

Within hours after Irma passed us by, and, those of us who went through it were able to communicate to each other and family that we were OK, I started getting messages from people asking me if I was going to write about a hurricane now.

The events surrounding Irma really are good fodder for a story, but, that idea needs a bit more time to germinate. Now that I am fully retired, and, survived that hurricane, it is time to dust off some other writing projects that have been sitting on the back burner for some time.

My choice is to go with Searching with Death. That is the working title for a story about Emily and her dog Puzzle. They are a search team…helping to find missing people by looking for dead bodies, usually out in the middle of nowhere. If you were to kill someone, where would you dump the body?

While searching, in the darkness of very heavily wooded area, Emily is speaking to the person she is looking for. She says their name out loud and explains that their loved ones really want them to come home. The woods are extremely still, and, the heat of the day is causing mist to rise up from the damp squalid ground, thick with decaying leaves, pine straw and poison ivy.

Emily walks quietly behind Puzzle, watching him work, as he looks with his nose for this missing person. She continues to talk to them. This interesting behavior helps solidify for her how real that person is. She calls his name again, and tells him how much his family misses him. This is the same thing she does on every search, until one day, she gets an answer back.

I like this story. It feeds my imagination and should make for a fun, gripping story.

Wish Emily and Puzzle good luck. I have a feeling…they will need it.

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