The Wicked, Wild Three!

Jack Keely and I are working hard now on the marketing for our Wistlebrass series. It gets harder every year to do this. So many people are writing books and self publishing or paying enormous amounts of money to vanity press outfits that the world of books is awash with literally thousands of titles.

Our books have garnered many good comments, and at this time, a pro-review site is looking at The Whistlebrass Clock People.

Here is a review from Amazon: "This book was just as interesting and exciting as the first two books in the WhistleBrass series. The incredible plot twists and unexpected character traits were awesome! The way details are described is amazing. I love richly detailed stories. The words made me see, smell and experience every bit of the story. It was fun to re-encounter some of the characters from the first two books and be introduced to a few new ones. I don't want to give any surprises in the book away. You can discover them for yourself. Since I've read all three books in the series, I can say without reservation that each one has been written with the same wonderful imagination and quality! The cover and chapter art in the book series set it apart from other book series I have seen. I loved the cover visual design the separate drawings that introduced each chapter in each of the three books. The visual design added to the image of the story for me. I sincerely hope many other readers read this book because I know they will enjoy the book as much as I did."

The books are good...the series is so delightful...I truly hope you pick one of them up this week and read it. We also had a trailer made for the series by Tom Haney. He does such wonderful work, and, I hope that you agree:

I do thank all of you who take the time to write the reviews and send emails to us, explaining how much you enjoyed the read. We take all of your comments into consideration while we plan what may be the next step for the series.

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