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Jane Doe: Crestview, Florida, July/August 1994

• Who Am I?

• I am NOT Ylenia Carrisi!

• My first name sounds like Susan or Suzette, and I was maybe 25 – 30 years old in 1994 when I was killed.

• Someone in Miami knew me.

• I left some of my property at your home in Miami before I left on my travels to Lake Tahoe, Nevada in July/August 1994.

• I am a white woman around 5’8” tall with blonde hair, great body and wear a flower-patterned dress.

• I have with me three blue suitcases filled with my prized possessions – Tarot cards, a black boombox radio, and pieces of tree bark with moss on them.

• I’m using a chrome tote with wheels to pull my luggage behind me.

• I am naïve believing all will work out – people will help me get to my destination.

• If I had money, I would have gotten a bus ticket.

• It is not certain how much property I left behind at your place in Miami.

o A few boxes are most likely.

• If you are this person and you know my full name, contact Detective Dennis Haley at the West Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office: (954) 720-2225

Jane Doe: Riverside, California, August 1992

• Are you missing me?

• I dropped out of sight in August 1992 while travelling to Los Angeles from somewhere north of Victorville, California, on Interstate 1-5.

• An Albertson’s Company driver picked me up and dropped me off at the brake check area on I-15 just before it dropped into San Bernadino.

• He pulled into the brake check area seeing a plum colored Peterbilt parked close by.

• The driver was working on his brakes.

• The scale-weigh station was open, and the Albertson’s driver could not be caught with a passenger in his truck so he left me in the company of the other driver.

• I am a white woman about 5’6” tall with shaggy blonde hair.

• I’m wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a picture of a motorcycle on it.

• I was not carrying a purse and I smoke.

• If I sound like someone you may have missed from 1992, please contact the Riverside Police Department: (951) 354-2007

• If you are the Albertson’s driver and know my full name and where I had been and where exactly I was going, please let the police know.

Jane Doe: Turlock, California, August 1992

• Where are you?

• You were a prostitute working the south bound rest area on Highway 99 by Turlock, California around August 1992 when you met Keith Jesperson.

• You and Jesperson talked as he sat in his truck waiting for a parking spot to open up.

• Jesperson tried to get you into his truck, promising to bring you back to the same place, but you did not want to do that, so he pulled past the parked trucks and made his own parking spot in front of them.

• Once parked you climbed into his truck and went into the sleeper.

• Jesperson followed you and began to strangle you to death.

• You were wearing a red top and blue jeans.

• Jesperson was interrupted and drove to Livingston and parked behind the old Blueberry Hill Café.

• He carried your lifeless body to the middle of the dirt parking lot and left you face down in the dirt.

• Since your body was not discovered there, you may have survived and did not die.

• If this, is you, we would really like to find you.

• If you have any information please contact the Turlock Police Department: (209) 668-1200.

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