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Updates and Information

April 10, 2023:  Katherine Ramsland, PhD, noted criminology professor and true crime author (BTK:  Confessions of a Serial Killer) posted this remarkable review in Psychology Today:

EXCERPT:  After she explores the world of serial killer fans and describes numerous cases (including those of spree and mass murderers), she gets to the substance of her book with excerpts from letters these killers sent her. Here, in Chapter 6, is the raw material most readers will be looking for. These accounts are fascinating. On the whole, none of the men believed themselves to be evil or monstrous. Some thought they’d been unfairly represented in exaggerated or shallow media accounts.

October 17, 2022:  The FaceBook page address:

The Doe Network information for the woman in Crestview, Florida:

The Doe Network information for the woman in Turlock, California:

July 25, 2022:  I have, at this point, just been trying to find out who is in charge of the Jane Doe case in Florida. No one in law enforcement seems to know right now. Very frustrating. My goal, is to get the DNADOEProject involved to help do a new test. The DNADOEproject were able to identify one of Keith Jesperson's victims, Patsy Skiple, who had been unidentified for nearly 30 years.

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