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It was Magical

Years ago in Los Angeles, I had to go meet with someone down on Rodeo Drive. This is a fairly swanky part of the city, for shopping, restaurants, some offices etc., right next to Beverly Hills. As I crossed through the lobby to the elevator, another woman was headed in the same direction I was. When we got to the elevator, Magic Johnson had been just ahead of us and was already in the car. He saw us coming...but, the doors were starting to close. Magic took one step forward and reached out to hold the doors open for us.

It was so cute...he stood there like a statue, holding the doors and this other woman and I just glided right under his arms. He is a HUGE person. It was like walking under a human bridge span. I actually checked, and, he is 6'9" tall. So up we went. I was the first to get off and went to my meeting which lasted about an hour. When I left, I headed for the same elevator, and, when the car arrived, yup...Magic was in the car.

I got in with him...he smiled hello as I gave him a little wave, then, I said to him as we rode down to the lobby, "You were in the elevator when I got here a while ago." He nodded. "And, here you are again, in the same elevator."

Again, he nodded. Then I said, "So, now I think you are living in this elevator". It was such a silly thing to say but oh my...he cracked up! A big booming laugh, and when we got to the lobby, he made like the tree again for me and I sailed on out under his arm, wished him a pleasant day then headed home.

By the way, I kinda don't think he lives in an elevator. ;)

True Story!

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