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Tasty Styrofoam

When I was a kid, sugary cereals were all the rage! My brothers, sisters and I would badger my mom until she brought home boxes and boxes of this crap. 🤩

Captain Crunch was awesome, so was Frankenberry. It became an art form, putting in just the right amount of milk to turn the bowl of golden Captain Crunch into a mushy, fabulous treat the gods were jealous off. A wee bit too much, and it was library paste. Bleah! Thank goodness my mom bought the giant box, so, there was always plenty to experiment with.

Of course, Froot Loops was a fabulous coma inducing sugar fest as well. I was well into my teens before I finally learned it was spelled "fruit".

Lucky Charms was great too...with those little marshmallowy shapes (although, they could have been made from sugar-coated Styrofoam for all I knew). I would look in every bowl to find: pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers. They were all made from the same stuff, just different colors, but I swore the yellow moons were the best! I'd save most of the shapes from the bowl and eat them last after I pounded down that delicious sugar filled toasted oat jumble.

Sure, we thought it was so healthy for us. It was toasted oats buried under all of that sugar for heaven's sake! There was some sort of nutrition hiding in there, right?

As far as actually nutritious cereals, we, the kids, hated anything that did not have pounds of sugar added to the mix. Corn Flakes was a great example. Hated them! The cereal didn't look like corn, tasted like crap to me, and so avoided that, along with porridge. The only way I ate porridge was with lots of maple syrup!

Visiting with some friends recently, I saw a box of Lucky Charms in the pantry. They were getting ready to toss it out, so, I wanted to see the billions of new shapes they had. I recognize the purple horseshoe and pink heart..but ummmmmmmmmm....what are those other things. 😆

Maybe that coral colored shape, middle left, is a hand grenade? The multi toned ones...some kind of tropical fish or ICBM nuclear missile shapes... maybe. I just don't know. I feel so far behind the times. Apparently amorphous unrecognizable shapes are all the rage now for sugary cereals. What difference would it make actually...all of this stuff gave you a sugar high and tasted the same.

It is actually fun for me to know that not much has happened over the years regarding nutrituous breakfast foods. Pretty much, if it comes to you in a box, then, set it on the table and light it on fire. You would be doing yourself a favor, but, ok, save the yellow moons. They are special.

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