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  • Briar Mitchell

Wing and a Prayer!

I was so fortunate to be able to fly to some far away and exotic locations with the US Air Force. In 1994 I flew with the 22nd Air Lift Squadron to Christchurch New Zealand (where we stayed for 3 weeks) and then subsequently completed 3 flights with them down to McMurdo Base on Ross Island, in Antarctica.

I am right in the middle here of some amazing, wonderful people I was travelling with.

During one trip back from McMurdo to Christchurch, the plane broke, and I get asked about that a great deal. One of the plugs for the hydraulic fluid way up in the T-tail on the back of the plane let go, and all of the fluid was just running out into the air. That fluid was used to lower the landing gear and steer the front wheel of the plane.

We were mostly empty flying back to Christchurch on this trip (takes just over 6 hours) except that, we had an injured man on board.

In the back on a 141B, there are only windows at the doors. I was sitting next to a man on a guerney who we were bringing back from McMurdo to Christchurch

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